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I am one of the Concept Artists for the Homestuck Anime Project.

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Anonymous asked: do u still live at home? (ur parents house)

no. i live alone in an apartment





*softly in baby talk* wa pa pa pa pa pa pow

*softly in baby talk*  ring ding ding ding ding ding 


if you knew me in 7th grade I’m sorry



you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

Ah, yes, kids these days with their inflated sense of self importance who think they’re helping the world by angrily blogging about issues they actually know very little about and trying harder and harder to be as far from traditional as they can because they want to abdicate any responsibility the world tries to place on them and live their lives like entitled little shits


flashlight girl and deer boy

i think i broke my eyes

// ok so apparently the new troll is more of a jackalope! thanks to those who pointed it out aaa ((learn sth new everyday hhehe))


homestuck fanart, now using references

idk I just wanted to draw them in a sprite-esque style

edit: who has two thumbs and uploaded the wip; this guy

Anonymous asked: Was Sharknado good?? Or is it supposed to be a parody film?? :3

its a parody film lol

it was so stupid and over dramatic it was funny

just watched sharknado 2

not gunna lie, the fact that they got the actual today show people to do the news reports throughout the movie cracked my shit up


aww how cu—


when people tell me they like my ocs i just


cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

Anonymous asked: I hope your arm will get better. But it's really good that it went well! :3 It was for the B12 thing, right?? I hope it will work for you! :3


If you think about it at first, Xion being designed in a way that will inevitably either cause her to kill Roxas or, if all fails, be killed by him herself, makes little sense at first if you think about it. Wouldn’t two keyblade wielders be more productive than one? The hammer hits when you realize that Xemnas was basically Xehanort’s will and mind stuck in Terra’s body. Chances are the Terra part of him rebelled violently at times due to Roxas’ mere presence. It was distracting him, keeping him from focusing on his goals, awakening “foolish” ways of thinking and maybe even *gasp* memories of emotion within No.1 of the Organization, so he had to get rid of it. However, due to aforementioned rebelling he couldn’t touch Roxas himself. It may have caused him a short-circuit or worse. Likewise, even if he wanted Roxas gone, he still needed his power and keyblade for his plans. So he had Xion created to absorb and slowly eat away on him.

Evidence for this are the fact that Xemnas apparently had quite a few of Terra’s memories - making at least one throwaway line that shows that he recognizes Roxas as, at very least, a Ven look alike, not to mention his Companion Cube, Aqua’s Armor- and the observation that, if you sum up, Xemnas really obviously was keeping his distance from Roxas throughout all of 358/2 for the most part.

Xion and her fate were thus yet another unfortunate side effect of Terra’s eternal struggle against Xehanort’s possession.

Xion was designed to kill Roxas because Xemnas couldn’t bear seeing Ven’s face. (via dreamdropheart) ←